About Us

The sweet tinkling of wind chimes strikes the perfect cords with our hearts and minds, to keep us happy and smiling always. Their melodic rhythm is the perfect backdrop music that lets us create memories for a lifetime, and this is why we, at Chimes of Your Life, give each one of you the chance to choose happiness for yourself and for all the people you love.

As individuals we understand that choosing the perfect gift for a loved one can be a pain in the neck. You want it to be meaningful, thought provoking, and also something that brings a big smile on their face. We’ve all gone through the dilemma of not being able to decide upon the one gift others won’t disapprove.

From this thought of line, emerged the urge to think of a gift item that has a universal appeal, and one that people wouldn’t have to think twice before getting it wrapped. And, what struck our fancy were wind chimes.

And, not just any wind chimes, our creative team of professional designers brings you a special collection of wind chime for every special occasion of your life. Be it happy moments or sad ones, the music of the wind chimes is always soothing and relaxing for the heart and the mind.

What’s more is that we decided to offer each customer with the option to customize their wind chimes for a more personal touch. From inscriptions of all kinds, to engraving logos, trademarks, and artwork, we give you the freedom to choose, and help your shopping experience with us be fun and interesting.

Helping you create happy memories and preserving them is the promise of our partnership with each one of you. Our exclusive collections of wind chimes will definitely find a place to fit into the gifting needs of all occasions. They’ll last longer, and produce music that will keep buzzing inside your head whenever it’s time to rewind the good memories.

For more on us and wind chimes, feel free to call us at our toll free number 800-589-4708. International callers can call us on 011+1+435+478+9233 or write us a mail at

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