Gift Wrapping Options

We're happy to wrap your special gift.

Just select the gift wrap option during the checkout process - we'll do the rest!
In addition to wrapping, we're happy to include a gift card with your item.
Please specify your message during the checkout process.

You gift is wrapped in a beautiful white or silver wrapping paper, perfect for all occasions.
Tied with a ribbon. The envelope is white and the card is white with deckle.

Presentation of a gift is equally important as are the contents it holds. Being the first point of sight, it gives the onlookers a hint that you have something special for them. So, always make sure to pay attention to the wrapping of the gift.
At, Chimes of Your Life, we not only provide you with the best collection of wind chimes available anywhere, but we’re happy to wrap your special gift as well. You can choose from the gift wrap options we offer during the checkout process, and leave the rest to us.
Besides getting the wind chimes wrapped, you can also leave a personal message for your loved ones and we’ll put in down on a gift card and include it with the gift at the time of delivery. Again, you’ll be given options during the checkout process, to drop in a personal message. 
We use beautiful ivory paper for wrapping all kinds of gifts for the simple reason that it goes with all kinds of occasions, formal or informal. The gift box is then tied with a beautiful ribbon, with a neatly deckled card is fixed in place.
And, if you’re still thinking why this extra effort, here are the exact reasons why:
For a pleasing presentation
The simplest way of impressing people is to give them a gift that looks so attractive; they’d like to open it immediately. We try to beautifully decorate each gift to make them look pleasant and worthy of opening first.
Create a mystery
After one sees a pleasant looking box, the next thing is to wonder what rests inside the mysterious box. Gift wrapping always creates an intrigue to find out what lies inside.
Creating the right atmosphere
Some occasions aren’t complete without gifts, and gifts won’t look like gifts if they’re not wrapped. Imagine having a Christmas with plain brown boxes around? Appears gross right? Especially when we’re talking about festivals and celebrations, gift wrapping is a must.
So, now you know why wrapping gifts cannot be left undone.
To know more about our customized gift wrapping services and cards, give us a call at 800-589-4708.

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