Photo Restoration

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Level 1 Fix - Free
Adjust Contrast.
Adjust Color Balance.
Remove Minor Dust & Scratches.

Level 2 Fix - 12.99
All Of level 1 Fix.
Remove small dust or scratches.
Remove Red Eye.
Repair slightly damaged edges.
Repair small cracks & tears.
Repair slight fading & discoloration.

Level 3 Fix - 24.99
All Of level 1 & 2 Fixes.
Repair moderate discoloration & fading.
Repair moderate spots / scratches/ water damage.

Level 4 Fix - 49.99
All Of level 1, 2 & 3 Fixes.
Repair extensive scratches & fading.
Repair extensive damage to detail area.

We cannot copy or restore photos or materials that are copyrighted.

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